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Kinsey Megason

 To Ms. Kinsey's Computer Class!



Hi guys!!

             This year I plan on to really focus on keyboarding skills, deffienty in the younger grades! Once we all get the hang of the keyboarding skills, the older grades will learn all about the different computer applications such as word, powerpoint, excel and so forth. Im going to give them all a few weeks to get the hang of things, then we will start having a timed typing test on Thursdays! The top 3 in each class with get a prize that following Friday. This should give all the kids the encouragement to want to try harder and really focus to learn the keyboard. Later on in the year I will start to cover up the keyboard so they will really have to try hard to remember where the keys are. I believe in all my kids I know they all can do this and I hope everyone at least gets to get one prize though out the year!! Im ready for an AMAZING year with all these sweet kidoes!